Bandera 100K/50K/25K Trail Runs
Hill Country SNA, near Bandera TX
January 5, 2008

Report & results by Joe Prusaitis, R.D.

The Bandera event seems to have become a "Gathering of the Trail Running Tribes" in this region. People come to bond, to connect with old friends, and to test themselves on the course. I put this race together on the most difficult terrain I could find in the Texas Hill Coutry and presented it as a tough challenge. I chose the worst trails and the most rugged route that I could combine. I recruit experienced runners to manage the aid stations and support the runners. They know what they are doing and have tons of compassion, but no mercy. Their resolve for the runners to finish is as strong as the runners.

There seems to be a certain energy to this place all of itself, and this is magnified by all those who come here to play year after year. This was our 6th go round and the weather much more pleasant than usual. With a min of 59 and a max of 75, it never got very cold but did get a bit warm from noon til 5pm. A south wind damped down the humidity a tad, cooling the field in the same time frame.

The 100km started 121 with 89 finishing. Josue Stephens won in 11:07:44 in only his 2nd trail race. Matt Clay surged into 2nd with 11:22:22, while Mark Henderson finished 3rd in 11:25:40. All 3 female winners were from San Antonio. Melanie Fryar was 4th overall and 1st female in 11:25:46. Amanda McIntosh was 2nd in 12:04:01. Bridget DeLaRosa Herrejon, running the 100km for the 5th year in a row, was 3rd with 12:59:08.

The 50km started 97 with 87 finishing. 26 more swelled the ranks, dropping down from the 100km. Jamie Cleveland set a new 50km record in 4:06:03. John Reynold was 2nd in 4:39:29, and Ken Gordon was 3rd in 4:44:45. All 3 female winners were from Austin. Andrea Fisher set a new 50km record in 4:56:58. Meredith Terranova was 2nd in 5:47:53, while Tracy Holland 3rd in 5:55:39.

The 25km started 163 with 157 finishing. Jeff Whitfield won in 1:58:22. Rich Yavorsky took 2nd in 2:00:24, while Kent Snead was 3rd in 2:04:57. Shan Rooney won the womens 25km in 2:30:32. Marla Wilen was 2nd in 2:36:53, while Andrea Feucht was 3rd in 2:40:10.

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