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Beltline Boondoggle
150K; all the way around Beltline Road in Dallas, TX
January 25, 2003

Crew Photos/Report by Paul Tidmore
The Story of the Belt Line Boondoggle 150 km Fun Run by Scott Eppelman

Sometime around January 22, I got an email from Mark Dick asking if I wanted to join him as a member of the crew for Scott Eppelman’s and Blade Norman’s newest adventure. Without hesitation, I said I’d love to.  It didn’t take too long before I was wondering what I was getting myself into.  Imaging being cooped up in a van for somewhere between 16 and 20 hours watching a couple of guys run about 93 miles in cold and wet conditions.  By the time our almost 19 hour journey had ended on Saturday, however, I was certainly glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this event.

The concept was simple:  Scott and Blade wanted to run all the way around Beltline Road. To make it as safe as possible, Mark had volunteered to follow them in his van, fully equipped with safety lights, signs, etc., and all the clothing, food, drinks, etc., they’d need to make this run as safe and successful as possible. They departed from Beltline & Moore in Coppell with Mark and me following in the van.  Letha Cruthirds got up really early, caught a plane from New Orleans to DFW, then joined us to complete the crew team. Maybe we can get Scott and/or Blade to give us the runners’ perspective, but for now, here is a photo journal from the crew. Enjoy!


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