Cactus Rose 100 mile
Bandera, TX

Report by Joe Prusaitis (R.D.)

Cactus Rose is a beauty with a bite. It was planned that way. Its older brother Rocky Raccoon and this make for quite a Texas Jekyll-Hyde. The Texas Hill Country is a precious jewel, filled with short steep hills and seasoned with rocks. Armadillos, tarantulas, and even one crusty old dinosaur wander the hills. We started 50 runners at 5am on a sultry windless 53 degrees for 2 and half hours of dark before sunrise. The lead pack went out faster than expected and spread the group out quickly. Lucky Peak gave a sneak peek at what was to come, but a good bit of easy running followed before Ice Cream Hill. But then the Sisters, Sky Island, Boyles Bump, and Cairns Climb began to rip the field apart. The entire pack managed to complete 25mi, but then the sun started a mild roast and took 9 out before reaching 50 miles. By 2pm, it had reached a high of 78 degrees. Standing on the side watching, it seemed such a nice day, but the runners where all soaking wet with sweat.

The race format was throwback style where all runners were required to write their names & times in a notebook at each station. They also stocked their own rations at each station. I put up the aid station tents, provided water & ice, made sure they had light at night, and a propane stove to cook. I constantly rolled from station to station, checking times and keeping track. In the notebooks, besides the time records, the runners left comments for their crews, for me, or whoever would read it. By the end of the day, they made for a nice record of an emotional roller-coaster.

The 2nd 25mi loop reversed direction from the first, allowing everybody to have a look at each other. The
leaders took inventory, but the rest of the field took some joy in seeing their friends. 41 runners survived 50 miles, Sunset finally cooled it down and brought a fresh bit of confusion: Daylight Savings Time ended at 2am and suddenly it was 1am again. The race clock didn't care but it sure played hell with all the time junkies. Dark and the 3rd loop took 17 more, leaving a lean and very determined 24 through 75 miles. Only 21 of them started the final loop, with one missing the first cut.

Mike Dobies continued to roll, moving up through the field, and then putting a lot of time on the others,
including the early leaders who fell out. Barbara Hitzfeld and husband George started late and ran consistently, while the others slowed, they picked through the pack, moving up rapidly on the final loop. Barbara finished strong, winning her 2nd 100 miler in a month.

All in all, the old style 100 mile race was a great success. Everybody loved it. People bonded and rallied
around each other for support. The belt buckles are very nice. The shirts were Patagonia tech-Ts. The awards were unique, but more than anything else... it was a lot of fun.

joe prusaitis : RD

1      24:50:52.70   Mike Dobies M 46 Lake Orion MI
2      27:10:58.25   Lynn Ballard M 50 McKinney TX
3      28:09:37.45   George Hitzfeld M 47 Ft Worth TX
4      28:55:19.10   Barbara Hitzfeld F 46 Ft Worth TX
5      29:14:46.55   Bill Patience M 53 Georgetown TX
6      29:25:04.50   Buddy Teaster M 43 Madrid Spain
7      29:26:29.90   Matthew Crownover M 35 Garland TX
8      29:37:57.80   Allen Wrinkle M 43 Spring TX
9      32:18:11.20   Melissa Heggen F 31 Denver CO
10     32:37:36.20   Diana Heynen F 53 Austin TX
11     33:00:17.55   Henry Hobbs M 52 Austin TX
12     33:24:00.20   Tony Mathison M 49 Bangs TX
13     33:37:50.70   Michael Wood M 48 Kingwood TX
14     33:58:37.75   Jasper Mueller M 39 Salt Lake City UT
15     34:03:45.05   Santhosh Padmanabhan M 28 Austin TX
16     34:03:45.05   Gaurav Agarwal M 27 Austin TX
17     34:03:45.05   Vinod Viswanath M 32 Austin TX
18     34:28:21.85   Adam Greene M 25 El Paso TX
19     34:31:40.75   Axel Reissnecker M 54 Austin TX
20     35:37:36.55   Robert Heynen M 58 Austin TX

26:11:23.70  Bob Klapthor M 56 El Paso TX
26:17:51.05  Nick Papafote M 43 Katy TX
28:31:59.90  Lee Schmidt M 68 American Canyon CA
28:46:06.50  Ganesh Krishnamoorthy M 26 Austin TX

11:53:09.80  Larry White M 48 Austin TX
12:38:39.10  Allen Boyce M 57 Portland OR
13:12:08.15  Charles Johnston M 23 Houston TX
13:31:50.00  Richard Fry M 48 Alexandria VA
13:34:12.30  Chris Chandler F 51 Austin TX
13:40:08.10  Bill Niktakis M 47 Town and Country MO
14:05:40.20  David Jackson M 49 Dallas TX
14:47:12.15  Andras Bucsinszky M 40 Tempe AZ
15:01:22.40  Gary Moroney M 41 San Antonio TX
15:24:28.65  Arnold Begay M 44 Broken Arrow OK
15:36:17.30  Chris Horsak M 30 Crosby TX
15:52:10.50  Vance McMurry M 38 Austin TX
16:33:47.20  Steve Williams M 57 Cedar Creek TX
17:19:22.45  Sherry Meador F 42 Harpersville AL
17:23:53.70  Brenda Baker F 43 Pflugerville TX
17:24:06.00  Susan Bell F 44 Kemah TX
18:43:52.00  Eunsup Kim M 54 Dallas TX

05:04:03.15  Jason Lippman M 35 Austin TX
06:20:32.90  David Berdis M 49 Dripping Springs TX
06:39:19.40  Jim Balthazar M 54 Austin TX
06:45:03.95  Michael Riggs M 47 Austin TX
07:01:24.25  Shawn Fagan M 31 Austin TX
07:03:04.80  Curt Mueller M 37 Portland OR
07:38:00.00  Phil Wright M 63 San Ramon CA
08:14:37.05  Roger Davis M 37 Austin TX
09:15:49.40  Vincent Antunez M 47 Schertz TX

50 starters
20 finishers 40%


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