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Final report from
Galaxy Landing Observation Patrol (G.L.O.P.)
to Mother ship.

COMMANDER Of G.L.O.P.: (gleefully) Well Admiral, we are finally going to be rid of those so called Ultra runners. For good this time, I believe.

ADMIRAL: How can you be so sure they will be eliminated?

COMMANDER: It looks like they have been invaded by other aliens in large machines that are slowly destroying their breeding grounds. No more glimmers or gloppers to make little blimmers. Ha, Ha, Ha.

ADMIRAL: Do you think it is safe to colonize the area?

COMMANDER: I am not sure.  We need another gas station, cleaners, Mexican restaurant, Star bucks, and mailbox station before our needs will be fully covered.

ADMIRAL: My vehicle only burns Italian food.  Make sure we have some good hi-test lasagna available.

ADMIRAL: By the way, were you able to confiscate any of those water bottles?

COMMANDER: No, they seem to have a pretty good grip on them.

ADMIRAL: How is their, so-called, leader, Ferd, taking this?

COMMANDER: It is funny you mention him. I just intercepted a message from him to his colony, the NTTRers.

FROM FERD: It is with sadness that I announce that those who ran the 6th Last Running of Ferd's Hill will really be the last to negotiate the ups, downs, twists and turns of Ferd's Hill. Mary, Betty and I made a farewell trip over the  hill last week and took a few pictures as a reminder of the great times this  little oasis of dirt in a desert of cement has given us over the past several  years.

Am I sad? Sure, but I thought it was coming down six years ago so I feel  like we have gotten a long reprieve. I have long since ceased to fight progress and try to live with it the best I can. I find that the most important benefit I get from running with my friends is the countless memories I get to keep. I remember the first last running when the temperature was 25 and Joe Adams kept stripping down until Debra Welch was glad he was on the ninth loop as all he had left was his shorts. And how about the fourth last when we ran in the mud and rain and were first visited by the aliens. We had heat, cold rain and sleet and  most of all we had Mary and Betty dishing out the aid regardless of the weather. Big Red visited us, and a long roster of runners got to find that this was the toughest little 15K in Dallas. So let the aliens take over. We have had our fun  and who knows we might find another little patch of dirt hidden away that we can  call, maybe, Joe's Jungle. So, Ferd's Hill now joins Betty's Trail as another in a long list of grateful memories we have.


COMMANDER: We there you have it, Admiral, we are done with that species.

ADMIRAL: Careful, Commander, some of these species don't become extinct, but tend to evolve.

This is G.L.O.P signing out

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