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Palo Duro Trail Runs
Palo Duro Canyon State Park (TX)
October 15, 2005

Race Photos by Celeste Walz (Team Danger Ventures, LTD.)

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50 Mile Runners
 Started:  57
 Finished: 47
 Female finishers: 15
 Male finishers: 32
 Average age of finisher:  44.8
 Average finisher pace:  12:14

50K Runners
Started: 73
 Finished: 72
 Female finishers: 31
 Male finishers: 41
 Average age of finisher:  45.9
 Average finisher pace:  13:25

20K Runners
Started: 132
 Finished: 132
 Female finishers: 61
 Male finishers: 71
 Average age of finisher:  27.34
 Average finisher pace:  11:22

States represented: Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New York, Mississippi, California,  Arkansas, Illinois, Arizona

Countries Represented: England